Poocoin Promoted Alerts (PPA)

The new Gold Rush

Poocoin Promoted Alerts (PPA) is a Twitter bot that will notify you within seconds when a token is promoted on Poocoin promoted section. PPA has been live for 3 months, and more than 500 MoonLight holders are using this powerful buying signal.

Get Access

To get privileged access to our tools, you have to hold a minimum of MoonLight Tokens.

Step 1

Create a Moonlight Account using the Twitter sign-in button.
This account is usable for all others Moonlight tools and incubated projects.

Step 2

Use the account platform to link wallets to your account.

Before going to the next step, ensure that:
- The platform is telling you that you "have privileged access to Moonlight tools"
- Your account is linked to the Twitter profile you want to get the notifications on

Step 3

Make a follow request on our Twitter bot @BotMoonlight with the same Twitter account, you'll be accepted in the next 24 hours.

If you have troubles completing the process, please private message the bot on Twitter to get some help.

Past Performance

Past performance examples. No words needed, just look at the charts.


  • Promoted on April 11th
    At exactly 04.03am
  • Pumped for ~2 hours
    High at 06.00am
  • x30 Profit


  • Promoted on April 21th
    At exactly 8.54pm
  • Pumped for ~8 hours
    High at 05.35am
  • x5 Profit


  • Promoted on April 12th
    At exactly 09.30pm
  • Pumped for ~4 hours
    High at 01.30am
  • x6 Profit


  • Promoted on April 22th
    At exactly 04.38pm
  • Pumped for ~2.5 hours
    High at 07.00pm
  • x5 Profit

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