MoonLight Incubator

MoonLight Incubator is a ground-breaking program that facilitates the growth of BSC projects and helps external teams achieve their vision.

Marketing & Community

We provide a range of services to accelerate your launch on BSC: marketing, networking, and direct access to our 20k+ community members.


We will help you find the best product market-fit. Use our anthentification system to monitor your users' holdings.

Smart Contract

Our blockchain experts will develop your smart contract and launch your token on BSC. You can focus on your product.

Incubator Synoptic

This Incubation Program will have MoonLight Token at the center of an ever growing ecosystem of tokens, connected by their tokenomics. This innovative architecture is set to revolutionize the way BSC projects expand and interact with each other

Buy-Back Fee

BSC tokens launching through MoonLight Incubator have a 2% fee included in their tokenomics. This fee will then be used as buy-back mechanism for MoonLight Token. Having a constant buying pressure on MoonLight coming from another token is a first on BSC!

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